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I'm a singer/songwriter and lifelong musician. I spent some time in Boston at Berklee College of music in my earlier years immediately following high school.  I’ve always been an east-coaster. Currently, I am based out of a cute little, postcard town on the New England shoreline called Mystic, CT. I love the salt air, salt water, and a little salt on the rim of my margarita (so much that I wrote a song about it.) With that being said, I hate the cold and find no similar pleasures in the salt on these small town streets and sidewalks during the colder months. I take every opportunity I get to travel the world in search of its sunny, tropical islands and my next tasty margarita. Nashville is still a new place to me and I am doing my best to make it a second home as often as possible. Something that both amazes and inspires me: We have only 12 notes to work with and according to Spotify, over 75,000 new songs are added every day to an already existing data base of over 82 million songs. That tells me that creativity is infinite. I am obsessed with melody, phrasing and saying something in a way that it hasn’t been said before.


"It's always so much fun working with Israel. He's a talented songwriter. Great songs and they feel good."

- John Thomasson / Bassist & Band Leader for Little Big Town

"I love working on tunes with Izzy! Great music and an awesome attitude!"

- Harmoni Kelley / Bassist for Kenny Chesney

"Was a pleasure working on the track, good music inspires good vibes. Much respect to Izzy, production is on point!"

- R. Browne / Bassist for Shaggy

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